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He liked his Star Wars co-star Harrison Ford, but nevertheless wrote that the American wouldn’t ‘set the Thames or the Hudson’ on fire.He thought the film’s dialogue ‘lamentable’, though this was a sentiment shared by Ford, who supposedly told Lucas: ‘George you can type this s***, but you can’t say it.’Actors were not the only subjects of his scorn.Piers Paul Read, Sir Alec’s official biographer and regular dining companion, has seen these documents.‘Guinness was,’ Read concedes, ‘generous, well-read and wonderful company — but mockery, putting people down, even those he loved most, was to remain for Alec a besetting sin.’ His co-star in the film, William Holden, also earned Guinness’s scorn. ‘I do wish [he] would stop boasting of the famous actors he has employed in his company, or of all the fortunes he has lost.’ When he met George Lucas, the director who would ensure his fortune by giving him a percentage of Star Wars royalties, he felt that their conversation was divided by ‘8,000 miles and 30 years, but I think we might understand each other’.These and other brilliant performances — in Ealing comedies, Lawrence Of Arabia, Dr Zhivago and TV’s Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy — should surely have left him secure in the knowledge that he stood at the pinnacle of his profession.

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Je kunt bijvoorbeeld een Samsung a7 hoesje maken met een leuke foto van jezelf, familie.He wrote that Lean 'surrounds himself with sycophants' and 'has no sense of humour' ‘The sports car looked sinister to me,’ he wrote, ‘. At Gielgud’s funeral, actor John Mills gave a eulogy.Landal Waterparc Veluwemeer ligt direct aan het Veluwemeer.Guinness put a promising stage career on hold to join the Royal Navy in World War II.His obvious ability propelled him into the officer class and he ended up commanding a landing craft in the Mediterranean. after the film was shown (a failure) she let it be known that she considered I had ruined her performance’. They had a long-running joke, which started when he bribed a hotel porter to put a tomahawk given to him by an Indian tribe in her hotel bed.

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